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Amy Blakemore, David Floyd and Others

5.00 + postage, December 2009, 40pp

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Dr. F says:
"The second micro-anthology from Sidekick Books contains poems and artwork inspired by traditional Japanese monsters. The title is a portmanteau of 'panorama' and 'Obakemono', the Japanese word for a changed or perverted thing (with the 'o' prefix denoting respect), and accordingly there lurks within its pages long-necked and long-tongued demons, winged dogs, mysterious children hiding in umbrellas, amphibious tricksters, killer scarves, cloud apparitions and numerous other age-old horrors of myth and legend.

"The contributing poets are: Amy Blakemore, David Floyd, Aiko Harman, Kirsten Irving, Roddy Lumsden, Ian McLachlan, Adham Smart, Wayne Holloway-Smith, Richard Watt and Chrissy Williams.

"The contributing artists are: Mary Graham, Hanne Harkonen, Jd, Seb Manley, Darnae 'Crimsonwolf' Sobolewski and Mike Stone.

"Test your mettle with this sample poem by Chrissy Williams:

Hainu in Chikugo Fields

Hideyoshi whistles through the tall grass,
katana held low.
Hainu's ears prick up in the azalea bed.
He yawns a wide grin
and stretches his white wings
from shoulder blades to feather tips.

Hideyoshi comes closer.
Hainu springs up in delight
and gives a hearty shake.
The sharpness of his teeth
and glinting of his eyes
form a soft smile on his pantomime-fierce face.

Hideyoshi raises his sword arm.
Hainu starts, then howls a battle cry.
Fierce dog of the skies, defier of gravity, remember:
you must not pay for loyalty
with your life.